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Duo Skarka-Pohl, voice and piano

Janacek - Revueltas 2008
Josef Skarka
Richard Pohl

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Josef Skarka
Photo by Petr Kurecka

Richard Pohl
Photo by Petr Kurecka

The 1st Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008
This new international music project was created by Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz and Duo Skarka-Pohl in co-operation with the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales Mexico (CIEM) and the Ex-alumni Network of CIEM. 
As its first edition of 2008 proved to be extremely well-received, we are now setting foundation for the second edition, which is going to connect more institutions, composers and performers as well.
We would like to thanks by heart to all our sponsors and supporters. Please, visit the official page of the project to see the whole list of our partners.

Visit The Official Website of Our Project

Opening Gala in Prague

Gustav Mahler 2010

Duo Skarka-Pohl along with another important Czech and international artists joined the celebration of the Gustav Mahler's centenary "Gustav Mahler Jubilee 2010" at his homeland of Czech-Moravian Highlands. They performed an international concert tour of songs by Mahler, his wife and other German composers.

For more information visit the official pages of the project:

Our projects are supported by the EPOS Company, Melodia Art Management, Arte Management Yvetta Tannenberger and Fenix Group.
Josef Skarka was chosen by the EPOS Company as their new public face commercial. Our projects are now supported by EPOS thanks to Mrs. Margita Jezkova, owner of the Herisson company, exclusively distributing the EPOS watches for the Czech Republic.
For more information see: 

Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales Mexic

Fenix Group


Magazine Hudebni Rozhledy

Duo Skarka-Pohl in Prague Academy of Music
Photo by Petr Kurecka

Duo Skarka-Pohl - Recitals and Chamber Music Evenings

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