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The International Cultural Exchange Project


Janacek and Revueltas
Duo Skarka-Pohl

1st Janacek - Revueltas Composition Award 2008

Czech Republic

Musical Views Mexico

Special of Jesenik

Jesenik Weekly

Excerpts from articles about the tour in the Czech Republic
"...However, Mexico is not just a country of passionate rhythms as many may think. Classical music also has its place among musical genres. All young musicians long for education in a foreign country which would reveal its secrets to them and help them achieve their goals. A CIEM graduate Edgar Omar Rojas Ruis, now studying at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno, is one of them. After one year of studying in the Czech Republic, the committed student of composition decided to convey his dream to his Czech colleagues – to introduce the works of contemporary composers of both countries, both in the Czech Republic and in Mexico. Their positive reaction made him present his idea to Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales Mexico (CIEM in Mexico City). The Mexican musical institution has drawn up a project featuring names ranking  among the best known Czech and Mexican composers – Leoš Janáček and Silvestre Revueltas, who provide imaginary patronage to the project, and, as renowned composers, they are going to “present” the works of young Mexican authors..."
(Hudebni rozhledy, 08/2008)
"...Their evening concert (a kind of concert/talk) was given within the Revueltas - Janacek project, called after two composers who were inspired by the music of their nations. Apart from these "bards", both musicians also aimed to portray contemporary artists of both countries. And there it was, in completely intimate atmosphere - simply in our Rejviz, looking over Orlik area and the ruins of Kobrstejn castle, accompanied by a historic piano - the sound of Czech and Mexican music. All that with a dedicated presentation in today's international language, i.e. English, with almost simultaneous interpreting into Czech by Richard Pohl (when it came to Mexican artists). It all seemed like going back to the time, when public musical productions were performed strictly in the form of intimate chamber concerts (after all, that is where the term Kammermusik comes from!), or when for example Franz Liszt walked through his audience, paid compliments to ladies, and waited for the Muse to come..."
(The Golden Mountains Bulletin, 11/2008)
"...At the close of the year 2007, I was visited by students from JAMU (Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts ) - Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz (Mexico), Richard Pohl (CR), and a student from AMU (The Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague - Josef Skarka (CR) with the idea of introducing the work of significant composers of both countries, along with the work of young composers from distant Mexico. Even though I was a secret fan of the idea, I didn't have much confidence in the project. Their idea was, however, accepted with much understanding from Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Musicales Mexico (CIEM in Mexico City), where Omar Rojas graduated, and the International Musical Project Janacek - Revueltas was on its way. Its opening took place on 13 August 2008 in the Museum of Antonin Dvorak in Prague, exactly a day after the 80th anniversary of the death of Leos Janacek. The basis of the whole musical project was a contest of composers that took place within CIEM and that chose five composers (J. Delgado, C. Barraza, A. Daniels, M. Duarte, M. Cechetti), whose work is debuted and presented along with the work of Janacek, Revueltas, Merino, Eben, Kopecky and Rojas. When considering the locations for the concerts of the project, the production couldn't leave out the town of Jesenik..."
(Jesenik Weekly, 10/2008)
"On the programme of the seven concerts given at six places in the Czech Republic there were, besides the works by Janáček, Revueltas, Dvořák, Kopecký, Rojas, Merino and Eben, also winning pieces of the composition competition. The audience had a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with the work of Mexican poets Pacheco, Sabines, Tablada, Villaurrutia and Paz (the only Mexican laureate of Nobel prize in literature, whose tenth death anniversary we recently commemorated). The compositions that were quite demanding in terms of interpretation were sensitively included among popular compositions by Dvořák or Janáček, which helped the audience understand the interesting concept of contemporary Mexican music..." (Hudebni rozhledy, 10/2008)
"Janáček, Revueltas and young Mexican composers. Delicious fruit cake... After that sort of introduction, we all could sense what to expect even from young  Mexican composers. What followed were lyrics by young Mexican poets set to music and presented by Josef Škarka and Richard Pohl..." (Jesenik Special, 09/2008)


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Translations of the articles from Mexico coming soon.

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