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The International Cultural Exchange Project


Janacek and Revueltas
Duo Skarka-Pohl

The 1st Janacek - Revueltas Composition Award 2008

Marcela Rodriguez, distinguished Mexican composer
Marcela Rodriguez

Duo Skarka-Pohl, Czech performing artists
Duo Skarka-Pohl

Pavel Kopecky, distinguished Czech composer
Pavel Kopecky

The Jury of the Competition in 2008
Mrs. Marcela Rodriguez - Mexican composer
Mr. Pavel Kopecky - Czech composer
Duo Skarka-Pohl - Czech performing artists
Regulations for the 1st annual of the contest
The competition is opened for undergraduated students of composition in CIEM, the co-organizing institution of the event in 2008.
Competition has started in January 2008 and the deadline for submitting the work for the jury is April 2008.
The work to be submitted must be an art song without stylistic specification with maximum length of 4 minutes.
The voice range should be of bass-baritone (recommended range F2 - F4).
The work should be designed not for the solo voice with accompaniment, but for duo as a chamber music.
The lyrics should be taken from a work of important Mexican (or Latin-American) poet and the choice as well as an apropriate treatment of it may be also subject of the judgement.
There cannot be selected more than six winners for the reason of the time reserved for the other pieces to be performed during projects' concert events.
The final decision about awards is entirely in the hands of jury and the decision it is unquestionable.
The award winners are informed that as a part of their agreement with the management of the competition they are obliged to take part in the production of the project and organization of concert events in Mexico.
The award winners are informed that performers will contact them to discuss further revisions and improvements of their work.

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The First Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008. All rights reserved.