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The International Cultural Exchange Project


Janacek and Revueltas
Duo Skarka-Pohl

The 1st Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008

Biographies of contemporary composers included in the project

Jose Miguel Delgado, 1st place
José Miguel Delgado

José Miguel Delgado (1977)
Originaly studied industrial design at the „Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana“ in Mexico City. Music and composition he's been studying at CIEM since 2004. He is holder of „Associated“ title in Music Theory, Critic and Literaturee AmusTCL of Trinity College in London. His music was presented at various festivals, including. “Foro Internacional de Musica Nueva Manuel Enriquez”, nebo “Festival de musica de cámara de Aguascalientes” in Mexico City. As experienced pianist he also performs with the ensemble of improvisation CIEM in numerous prestigious concert halls as “Sala Adamo Boari” in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. He's been also involved in many stage music projects.

Carlos Barraza, 2nd place
Carlos Barraza

Carlos Barraza (1984)
In 2005 he was accepted for studies of music composition at CIEM, currently studying also piano performance under direction of Dr. H.C. María Antonieta Lozano. He has got 8th Grade in the Music Thoery according to the Associated Board of Royal Music Schools (UK), and currently prepares for graduate examinations for obtaining titles AmusTCL and Licentiate in music composition LTCL at the Trinity College in London.. Music composition he studied under guidance of professors Alejandro Velasco “Kavindu” and Víctor Rasgado. Carlos Barraza is currently working as teacher of electronit notation at CIEM, and also attends study program “Specialized pedagogy” under tutelage of Dr. Lozano.

Alexander Daniels, 3rd place
Alexander Daniels

Alexander Daniels (1986)

Beginning his music studies at the National Music School (ENM) of Mexico City with professor Iduna Tuch, and later performing in the school choir with the Philharmonic Orchestra of UNAM and Symphonic Orchestra Minería. Later studied composition at CIEM with professors Alejandro Velasco “Kavindu” and Víctor Rasgado under patronage of Dr.. H.C. Maria Antonieta Lozano. His work was performed for example in „Cumbre Tajín“, „Muestra Nacional de Teatro“ or at the International Festival of Streets Theathers in Mexico; as author of music for a children play “El Arca de Nuez”. He also recorded various movie scores, for example “Noche de Muertos” by Misael Rubio or “El viaje de la Nonna” by Sebastiano Silva.

Mario Duarte, 4th place
Mario Duarte

Mario Duarte (1984)

Originaly studied guitar performance under tutelage of professors J. M. Olguín, J. F. Gómez Pérez and F. Gil. In 2002 got 1st prize at the ”Concurso de Guitarra del Colegio de la Música”. Performed at numerous concert venues, as “Auditorio Simón Bolivar”, “Jornadas Alarconianas” and “Autonomous National University” in Mexico City (UNAM). He is holder of title “Lincentiate” in Music Theory, Critic and Literature LMusTCL v Trinity College v Londýně a také titulu AMusTCL. In the guitar performance he got title DipABRSM of the Associated Board of Royal Music Schools (UK) under direction of professor Tomás Barreiro. Now he's been studying program “Licentiate” of music composition with Víctor Rasgado and guitar performance with professors profesora Gonzalo Salazar and Juan Manuel Olguín. His work “Loco Dolente” was premiered in the Silvestre Revueltas Hall in Mexico City.

Marco Cecchetti, 5th place
Marco Cecchetti

Marco Cecchetti (1984)
Since his young age he has studied piano performance. In 2003 he started to study at CIEM the “Licentiate“ in music composition and musicology. Had been interpreting Latin-American folklore music with a specialized ensemble of CIEM, has been working with strings extensively and performing in many important cultural centers in Mexico City. In 2007 obtained title “Associated” in Music Theory, Critic and Literature AmusTCL by Trinity College of London.

Omar Rojas, distinguished Mexican composer
Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz

Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz (1982)
A young Mexican contemporary music composer Omar Rojas is currently living in Brno – Czech Republic. His music is based on the use of arithmetical features such as the Fibonacci sequence, and the Golden Section.  The works of Omar Rojas, which are constantly inspired in different passages and characters of the History of Mexico, and the Indian mythology of his country, have been performed in different prestigious concert halls in Santiago (Chile), Charlottesville (USA), Kosice (Slovakia), Prague and Brno (Czech Republic), Jeseník (Czech Republic), and Mexico City. After finishing his undergraduate studies in Mexico City, at CIEM under direction of Mr. Alejandro Velasco "Kavindu" and Víctor Rasgado, in November of 2006 Omar was declared Licentiate in Music Composition LTCL by Trinity College London. He is currently studying for his Masters in Music Composition at the prestigious Music Faculty of the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts, in Brno – Czech Republic.

Pavel Kopecky, distinguished Czech composer
Pavel Kopecký

Pavel Kopecký (1949)

Born in Prague. He began to study the piano when I was 8 years old and the cello at the age of 10. After graduating from the Electro-Technical Secondary School he was employed in the sound department of Czech TV in Prague. In 1972 passed the entrance examinations for university studies at the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU - Music Faculty),  where he studied composition, piano and music pedagogy. Within the framework of the composition class he was chosen to attend the Summer Courses in Siena - Italy (prof. F. Donatoni). After completing my graduate composition for AMU (Concert for Piano and Orchestra), I was granted a post-gradual scholarship (for two years) at the State Conservatory in Moscow under prof. N. Sidelnikov.  Now he is employed as a pedagogue in the Department of Music and Sound at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Film and TV Faculty (FAMU)  and Jazz Conservatory too. He is recipient of numerous composition awards and also member of various international music boards and juries.

Edgar Merino, distinguished Mexican composer
Edgar Merino

Edgar Merino (1979)
Studying “Licenciate” program of music composition in CIEM, he also attended classes of harmony with professor María Antonieta Lozano along with composition and analysis with Víctor Rasgado and Alejandro Velasco. At this institution he also attend classes of guitar performance and music analysis of Tomas Barreiro and music styles under direction of Guadalupe Sotres. He is currently teaching at the National School of Folk Dances (Escuela Nacional de Danza Folklórica) the course of Analysis of the traditional music and a subject of Music elements applied in dance. He is currently devoting his time to two projects of popular music as guitarist. In 2008 was his choral work „El Lenguaje“ chosen to be performed at the music forum „Manuel Enríquez“. He is currently  preparing music composition for Expo Zaragoza 2008. He is also composing progressive and art-rock music.

Petr Eben, distinguished Mexican composer
Petr Eben

Petr Eben (1929 - 2007)
One of the leading composers of the Czech Republic in 20th century. He spent his youth in the medieval South-Bohemian town Cesky Krumlov. In that town he studied piano, later violoncello and organ.  After the difficult years of the German occupation and the war, during which his whole family suffered, Peter Eben entered the Prague Academy of Music (piano with F. Rauch and composition with Pavel Borkovec). As early as 1955 he took up a teaching post in the History of Music Department at Prague's Charles University. In 1978-79 he was professor of composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. From 1990 he became professor of composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and President of the Prague Spring Festival. He was active as a performing artist, especially as an improviser on piano and organ (concerts in London - RFH and Westminster Cathedral, Paris - Notre Dame and Festivals in Melbourne, Edinburgh, Vienna, Berlin, USA), but his main activity was composing. Two main sources of his inspiration were the plain chant and the folk songs. He was awarded many prizes for his works: 1990 - by the Czech Government for his organ cycle "Job", 1991 - he received the Order Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French Minister of Culture, in 1992 he was nominated Professor h.c. of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, in 1993 - he received the Stamitz Prize of the German Künstlergilde, and 1994 - the doctor's degree h.c. of Prague Charles University.

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