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The International Cultural Exchange Project

The Official Presentation

Janacek and Revueltas
Duo Skarka-Pohl
The International Exchange Project
1st Compostition Award Janacek-Revueltas
(Czech Republic - Mexico)

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Presentation Janacek - Revueltas 2008

The Announcement:
With the main purpose to contribute to the cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and Mexico, and in order to help to the international promotion of Czech and Mexican young high quality musicians, it was created the “Composition award Janacek Revueltas” as the result of the addition of the efforts of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música CIEM (Mexico City), the Duo Skarka – Pohl (Czech Republic), and the CIEM’s Ex alumni Network.

On its first edition 2008, the competition is open to all the student community of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música who would be cursing the undergraduate level of the Licentiate in Music Composition.

An event of this importance could not miss the presence of high quality and professionally experienced performers as the Duo Skarka – Pohl, which will be proudly representing to the Czech Republic in the Latin American musical scene.

The addition of the young musical talent of our nations, and a production management integrated by experienced personalities of the artistic media of both countries, plus the fresh music - management vision of the young people working in this competition, are turning to the “First composition award Janacek - Revueltas 2008” in an excellent chance to show off the high quality of the performing arts existing in Mexico and the Czech Republic.

I. "The 1st Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008"
Competition (January – March 2008): In this stage all the Mexican students of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música will have the chance to show off their talent with the submission of a work for Piano and Bass – Baritone voice; only the 6 best works which will be selected by our experienced jury will be performed by the Duo Skarka - Pohl in the concerts organized for this production.
As a part of the award for the winners, there will be given recordings of the concerts, certifies, and recommendation letters subscribed by the CIEM, the Duo Skarka – Pohl, and the CIEM’s Ex alumni Network in order to help them to open new chances for the development of their professional careers in the future.
II. Production stage in the Czech Republic (March – September 2008): This stage consists in the production of high quality concerts in the Czech Republic in which the awarded works of the competition will be world premiered, in addition with the performance of the music written by Mexican and Czech prestigious composers of our times, and of course, the world famous music of Leos Janacek and Silvestre Revueltas, to whose the work made by all the parts involved on this production is honouring.
III. Production stage in Mexico (September – November 2008): This stage consists in producing the biggest number possible of high quality concerts in Mexico, where the works which were already successfully performed in the Czech Republic will be presented in the homeland of their authors. 
The main goal of this stage of production, is to open the possibility for the Czech high qualified performers, to show in the Latin American musical scene the great quality of the cultural life in the Czech Republic, not only with their performances, but with the works of the prestigious Czech composers which will be included in the program.

Final Results:
I. Competition - Awards were given to the six selected Mexican composers, students of CIEM and their works were given to Duo Skarka-Pohl to be performed in June of 2008.
II. Production Stage in the Czech Republic - Seven concerts at various places of the Czech Republic were succesfully organized. The both opening and closing gala concerts were held in Prague. Concerts were well-acclaimed and received numerous articles in press and also in radio. We were also giving a succesful shoutcast about project along with a lecture about music by Silvestre Revueltas and Mexican music in general.
III. Production Stage in Mexico - Six concerts in Mexico were sucessfully organized, including live performance for Mexican broadcast (Opus 94.5) and got recognition in press, radio and TV. Concerts were well-received, including standing ovations and numerous encores given by the performers. Additionaly, we gave a succesful series of master-classes about Janacek, Revueltas and Art Song repertoire as well as performing as duo voice and piano and specific problems related to writing for this kind of ensemble.
All our events made a solid basis for future editions, from both professional artistic view as well as with opening chances for future support and sponosorships.
For further details about the competition results, selected pieces, organized events, articles and video clips, please, use the navigation on the left side of the page.

The First Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008. All rights reserved.