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Duo Skarka-Pohl, voice and piano

Janacek - Revueltas 2008
Josef Skarka
Richard Pohl

Czech Version

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"Josef Skarka, the singer, coupled with pianist Richard Pohl created well-matched duo, which has attracted a lot of attention in our recent concert life..." (Vera Lejskova, Rovnost)

"Skarka's beautiful, strong bass and Pohl's sensitive playing together created a powerful and intense experience for the audience... Dvorak's Biblical Songs were performed with rare deepness and a mature sense of reflection..."   (Moravian Autumn Festival concert review; Alena Borkova, Rovnost)  



Photo by Petr Kurecka

What's New?

Duo Skarka-Pohl in Mexico City, 2008
Duo Skarka-Pohl in Mexico City, 2008

May 2012 - Josef Skarka won the first prize at the International Vocal Competition in Zdar nad Sazavou (Czech Republic). Following concert tour of the award winners featuring Duo Skarka-Pohl was acclaimed as one of the best in the event´s history.

November 2012 - The acclaimed tour for the 10th anniverstary of creating Duo Skarka-Pohl starts in Jesenik, place of the first-ever public performance of both artists together.

November 2010 -  Mahlerian performances of DuoSkarka-Pohl were crowned by a gala recital in Stockholm (Sweden). Special thanks to Arte Management Yvetta Tannenberger, Czech Centre in Stockholm and his Excelency, the ambassador of Czech Republic in Sweden RnDr. Jan Kara for organizing this event.

October 2010 - The world-acclaimed festival Mahler Jubilee 2010 gets into its final phase with three Art Song recitals (G. Mahlera, A. Mahler - Schindler and German romanticism) by Duo Skarka-Pohl. More information at

July 2010 - The benefit performance of Duo Skarka-Pohl with special guest Katerina Kalvachova - Smidova (soprano) marked one of the best concerts of the history at this special place. For more information about the event, please visit

April 2010 - Duo continued their concert series in Prague by two additional performances - at the St. Lawrence Church and at the Academy of Music. Both concerts had enjoyed warm reception by both audience and press.
March 2010 - Duo recorded for Czech broadcast the wonderful Lukas Sommer´s song cycle "Souvrat" dedicated exclusively to them. More information at
February 2010 - Duo has performed at a special concert event held at the Smetana Museum in Prague. Additional performers included Lubos Skala, bass-baritone and Katarina Bachmanova, piano. Special guests included Dr. Jan Kralik and Dr. Vaclav Nemec.
January 2010 - Duo Skarka-Pohl was invited to celebrate the New Year at a special gala concert in Jesenik Spa.
November 2009 - Mr. Josef Skarka accompanied by Mr. Pohl enjoyed great success at the International Antonin Dvorak Competition in Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), including awards for the best Czech participant, 2nd award in Opera Contest and Honorary Award and Special Prize for the best performance of the contemporary song. Duo was also invited to perform a concert at Zofin, Smetana Museum in Prague and record for the Czech Broadcast.
August 2009 - After their immensely succesful appearing at the recital in Manetin, Duo Skarka-Pohl took part in the International Festival Ad honorem Mozart. Josef Skarka was awarded the Second Prize in the final round of the competition which was held during the festival featuring performances in Villa Bertramka (house where Mozart used to stay during his visits in Prague) and the Stavovske Theatre (place of the premiere of Don Giovanni).
March 2009 - Published new video clips and a complete online presentaion of the the first edition of our international cultural exchange project.
6th December 2008 - The international tour during the "1st Composition Award Janacek - Revueltas 2008" in Mexico finished with the last gala performance at the Archbishop Palace of the Mexico City. The concerts including live broadcasting from radio IMER were complemented with given lectures, masterclasses and interviews in press and TV as well. We would like to thank to the international production team for their work and we are looking forward to the next edition in 2010!
19th November 2008 - After the succesful closing gala in Prague the project finally goes to its last stage. Duo Skarka-Pohl boards the plane to reach Mexico for performing in famous venues, including Sala Carlo Chavez and the Chapultepec Castle. Buen viaje!
October 2008 - The second stage of the 1st Janacek-Revueltas Composition Award 2008 continued by live performances give in Jesenik, Javornik, Vilemov and Brno. The fresh pieces by gifted young Mexican composers, as well as selection of the best from the music of both countries made the best impression on Czech audiences. The tour shall finish with a closing gala concert in Prague's St. Lawrence Church on 26th of October.
August 2008 - The First Janacek-Revueltas Composition Award 2008, project realized by Czech and Mexico co-production, went into its second phase. The official Opening Gala performance in Prague's Antonin Dvorak Museum was very succesful. Among the guests there was also Mr. Antonio Lopez, cultural attache of the Mexican Embassy in Prague. The project will now continue with a concert tour which is going to take part in the both involved countries.
June 2008 - The official results of the "1st Janacek-Revueltas Composition Award 2008" published. For more details, see our Projects section.
May 2008 - The first part of the production of the International Janacek-Revueltas Award has ended. The jury shall announce its decision by the second week of June.
March 2008 - First official information about the upcoming project published. Duo has recorded their profile CD which is to be released soon.
February 2008 - Josef Skarka has been chosen as the official face for the commercial campaing held by EPOS Company, the exclusive Swiss watch brand.
January 2008 - Following their succesful performances during their autumn concert cycle, Duo Skarka-Pohl announces a new project with a co-operation with a Mexico´s University of Music (CIEM). The project shall contain numerous performances in both Czech Republic and Mexico and should be based on famous music of both countries as well as a entirely new pieces composed exclusively for Duo Skarka-Pohl. More information will be announced soon.
December 2007 - Duo Skarka-Pohl will be broadcasted by world-wide online service Some of their recordings were also selected by the well-known music-downloads service 7digital for selling online. Check our Links section for more information.
September 2007 - Duo Skarka-Pohl started their cycle of recitals with two performances, at Lejsek´s residence in Rejviz (19th) and in Antonin Dvorak Museum in Prague (24th). Both concerts were highly succesful and resulted in further concert invitations. In Prague they performed Pavel Kopecky´s "Sen" (Dream) at the presence of composer. They are going to show with that piece once more during Prague´s Trideni festival of contemporary music in December.
January 2007 - Duo Skarka-Pohl announces a new concert series with the Art Song repertoire. The highlight recitals are to be given in Prague (September) and Brno (November).
12/10/06 - Josef Skarka earned the highest awards at the International Antonin Dvorak Competition in November. Receiving Silver Medal along with special prizes by Dvorak Museum and Baerenreiter Edition, the reviews praised his intelligence, superb voice control and excellent chamber music feeling.
04/20/06 - The highglight of this year's concert season at Brno Conservatory concert cycle - the Suk's celebration or so-called "Spring Concert" in Convent of Merciful Brothers in Brno created almost a sensation. Stunning young talents performed music not only by Suk but also Brahms or Mahler. Duo Skarka-Pohl appeared there in wonderful rendition of selected pieces from Mahler's amazing song cycle Des Knabes Wunderhorn. Performance was very well-acclaimed not only by the audience but also in press.

12/08/05 - Duo gave nice performance during the "HAIMAOM" benefit in Olomouc. Performance of Dvorak, Mahler, Bach and Handel received reviews both in the press and the radio.

06/24/05 - This concert in Prague was well received. The duo appeared in the same program with Zdenek Hnat, Krystof Lecian and Ladislav Dolezel. Special visitors included Josef Suk, Antonin Kubalek, Antonin Matzner and others.

05/18/05 - The Recital at Janacek Academy with Schubert´s Songs was acclaimed a great success.

11/30/04 - The duo performed a concert of Czech chambre music. The awe-inspiring Haas's cycle on Chinese poetry at the The Czech Music Festival: Brno. (presented under the auspices of Sir Charles Mackerras).

11/22/04 - Following their memorable success at Moravian Autumn Festival, duo Skarka-Pohl was invited to "The Days of Young Performers" festival to perform French and Czech songs from the first half of 20th century.

10/07/04 - The "International Music Festival Moravian Autumn" has introduced two young talents, bass-baritone Josef Skarka and pianist Richard Pohl which performed art songs of Dvorak and Janacek. Their charming sound compelled
audience completely and added a fine encore, Dvorak's Biblical song No. 9 to this well-received performance.